Prince – Unofficial Discography

Genre: Pop/Funk/Fusion/Jazz
Quality: APE, FLAC
Bitrate: lossless



SOTT Rehearsals Vol. 1 (4CD)
SOTT Rehearsals Vol. 2 (3CD)
30 Years Of Unreleased Funk Volume 1 (2CD)
30 Years Of Unreleased Funk Volume 2 (3CD)
30 Years Of Unreleased Funk Volume 3 (3CD)
COME Original Test Pressing
SYMBOL ALBUM Original Version (Pure Funk)
Crystal Ball (Pimpsandwich) (2CD)
Dream Factory (Foefur’s remaster 2006)
Into The Vault
Purple Rain bonustracks (Foefur’s remaster)
Prince And The N.P.G. – Sacrifice Of Victor Revisited
Emancipation – The Secret Chapter
Dreams (3CD). Outtakes 1982-1997 (Thunderball)
12′ and B-Sides (4CD)
WOW (2CD) (Eye Records)
Foefur’s All Mixed Up
Brave New World
LotusFlow3r ( version)
Parade plus bonustrax (Foefur’s Remaster)
Sabotage [242b] ONA in Copenhagen (live)
Nagoya ’89 SBD Sabotage (live) 2CD
Sendai ’89 SBD Sabotage (live) 2CD
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince – 8eauti4ul 5tran6e (live)
Sun, Moon & Stars (2CD)
Vavoom (2CD)
Prince And The Revolution – Happy Birthday 1986-06-07
Prince, Larry Graham, NPG – The War – Track 01
Out Takes
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